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9viti (nia-vitti) is a female and BIPOC-led international leadership and employee coaching company helping leaders and employees align their personal missions with that of the company developing skills necessary for success in today’s reality, helping teams find clarity out of confusion and stress, and generating curiosity and well-being in the workplace.

9viti is derived from the Icelandic word for compass - áttaviti - meaning “8 routes” in English. The number 9 represents a participant in our training, standing in the middle of a compass, gaining invaluable knowledge and insight about how to connect the dots forward.

9viti is built on an innovative and creative framework for teams and groups within corporations and institutions to collectively understand and navigate their directions.

We create interactive events and training using proven and tested methods of storytelling and scientific strategies to accelerate clarity, courage, and coherence.

Coupling art-based and science-based techniques we train leaders and employees to navigate and realign their objectives for unequivocal results and a larger mission.




Shanga’s personal, creative, and professional interests are immersed in facilitating efficiency within teams and organizations. And with a background in theatre and academia, he works with teams to discover ways of connecting through transparency.

Studying how groups of people interact began before a double concentration in Organizational Behavior and Management and Theatre Arts - and continues through his professional career as an actor (including Mr. Robot, Law and Order: SVU), theatre director (Brown University, Arts University of Iceland) and university professor.

He held a full-time faculty position for 15 years and received tenure at the University of Washington. At the UW he served as Head of the BA Program for 10 years. He currently holds a full-time position as an Arts Professor at NYU. In his 13 years and counting at NYU, he has served as Associate Chair of the Department of Undergraduate Drama for four years. He is the Director of the Tisch Summer High School Program in Drama.


He also holds Adjunct positions at Columbia University in the MFA in Acting program and at Iceland University of the Arts in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is a HeartMath® Certified Mentor in Personal Resilience.


All of the work he does is centered in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. As an artist of color, every decision - when implicit or explicit - has issues of DEI in mind. His goal is for each participant to be seen and to see others as they are - not how they might be.


He holds degrees from Brown University (A.B.), and U.C. San Diego in Acting (M.F.A.)


Anna Rosa believes in the power of Emotional Intelligence, a Solid Foundation, Leading with Values, and Authentic Storytelling.

She serves people and businesses across the globe and her number ONE goal is for her clients to create the life they dream of professionally & personally. To understand and trust their decisions. And to navigate and share their ongoing story.

Anna Rósa is an alumna of the B.A. program of the University of Washington’s School of Drama. She's a lifelong learner and HeartMath® Certified Mentor in Personal Resilience, and she serves as a Field Instructor for NYU, where she lectures on Personal Branding and success after graduation.

For the last decade and a half - she’s worked in advertising and marketing spaces working with and for high-profile clients in luxury lifestyle, fashion, and hospitality -  working closely with iconic brands like Nordstrom, Baccarat Hotel New York, 1 Hotels, Denihan Hospitality Group, Artspeak New York, Furtuna Skin, Sóley Organics - and the legendary Venus Williams (to name a few).

With a background as an actress (including A Contemporary Theatre Seattle, Classical Stage Company Off-Broadway New York City) and playwright (including Theatre Row Off-Broadway, Opera House Reykjavik, Iceland), she has a deep level of understanding of character development and storytelling - out of which she created an in-depth framework - EVOKE - helping teams explore and define their purpose and storytelling through the creative process.


As a true Viking - resilient and intuitive Anna Rósa finds herself constantly studying, elevating, testing, and culture-building to help her clients make a bigger impact in today's future.

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